Chairman's Annual Report 2017

Golf Society of Great Britain

Chairman’s annual report 2016/17

It is tempting to look back to last year’s report for guidance and inspiration for the preparation of this year’s offering. Indeed the issues faced by the Society remain the same only the names of the courses visited, and to be visited, change.

However, as far as possible, I shall try to avoid temptation.

It has been a successful year on most fronts with meetings well attended and more importantly much enjoyed by those attending. The tours to Sicily were a great success and enjoyed by over 50 members. The tour to Tenerife this spring also went well.

Financially the Society is sound having again achieved a surplus this year.

Membership numbers continue to fall though and are now down to around 650. Whilst this does not seem to be reflected in the numbers attending meetings it does diminish the Society in the view of some observers and of course it reduces the subscription income. Perhaps we are just seeing what many golf clubs in the country are also experiencing but it would be nice to reverse the trend.

Your committee tries very hard to find interesting golfing venues for the Society’s tours and European tours seem to be popular and well supported.

In recent years the Spring tour, which generally seeks sunshine at a dull time of year, has been more difficult to arrange, with the exception of visits to South Africa. The proposed tour to Dubai, for 2018, was cancelled through lack of interest as was a proposed replacement tour to Thailand. We need to find out what it is that the members of the Society would like.

Looking forward to the programme for 2018 we start at Princes GC, Sandwich on May 16 and Royal Cinque Ports GC, Deal on May 17, an exciting prospect. That is followed on June 21/22 by Ross-on-Wye GC and The Rolls of Monmouth GC. The AGM will be held at The Belfry on July 26/27. In August we return to Camberley Heath GC and Army GC at Aldershot on 28/29 and finally on September 26/27 we revisit Moortown GC and Bradford GC.

Your committee and, more importantly, Brian Ward work hard on your behalf to provide meetings and tours for your enjoyment and we would all be pleased to hear the views of you, the members of the Society.

Robin Moser