For those keen to delve deeper into the history of the GSGB, past President and Chairman Jim Hunter has produced an updated version of the GSGB history, originally produced by Geoff Bennett.  For those interested you can find that  from the link at the bottom of this page. It really is an excellent read.

The Golf Society of Great Britain was founded in 1955 by the late Sir Aynsley Bridgland of Prince's Golf club. His dream was, in troubled times after the war, there should be generated a spirit of goodwill and international friendship through a common sporting link, namely "The love of Golf". 

Sir Aynsley also provided the majority of the finance to initiate the research into the publication of the book "The Search for The Perfect Swing", by Alistair Cochran and John Stobbs. The Society still receives royalties from the book and it can be bought from the GSGB Secretary.
The Society continues his aims of promoting amateur golf through the sponsorship of Junior Golf Tournaments and through donations to the Junior Section of the Society's Participating Clubs.

The Search for the Perfect Swing

The research for  'The Search for the Perfect Swing' was largely sponsored by Aynsley Bridgland through the 'Aynsley Trust Limited'. The book of this title was compiled for the Society by a team of scientists under the direction of Dr Alistair Cochran and took five years of research and experiments to complete. The scientific work began in the Autumn of 1963 and culminated in the successful publication of the book in October 1968. The production of the book was the most prestigious and major effort ever undertaken by the Society. It was initially sold for three guineas.

It has been acknowledged as the best book dealing with the mechanics, theory and practice of the game that has ever been produced. Many leading professionals took part in the investigations including Bernard Hunt and Neil Coles. Their work led to the conclusions fully described in the book. It is a remarkable record of the efforts of the team of scientists devoted to the study, analysing the game's human mechanics in hitting a golf ball, the ballistics of golf, interaction between the club and ball, spin, lift, and drag, theory, mental aspects of the game and many other topics. The book is still in print from a publisher in the U .S.A. and available to buy from the Society Secretary.

JACK AISHER – 1910- 2008

An Appreciation of his work for the G.S.G.B from the Chairman.

It saddens me to report the passing of Jack Aisher at the age of 98. He worked closely with Sir
Aynsley Bridgland, our founder, and together they formed the Golf Society of Great Britain. One aim 
was to allow members to visit other participating clubs, at a reduced fee, thereby promoting 
fellowship through the game of golf. Jack served on the Committee and was for many years an 
Honorary Member.

Jack Aisher was a member of the Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club (Deal). He was a country member in 
1947, only becoming a full member in 1958. Initially he was ineligible for full membership as he was 
“in trade” - a restriction relaxed a decade later. It so happens that he,and his family, owned Marley 
Tiles, the building materials company.

He sponsored the BBC series “Pro-Celebrity Golf “presented by Peter Alliss at Gleneagles &
Turnberry from 1978-1985. The golf stars that appeared in the series included the great names of 
that period - Gary Player, Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino, Tony Jacklin and Seve Ballesteros.

Sir Aynsley and Jack played a lot of golf together in the South-East corner of the country as Sir
Aynsley owned both Princes and Royal Cinque Ports (Deal) and his clubs were clearly the core of the 
GSGB Participating Clubs. While Sir Aynsley played most of his golf at Princes, Jack was a Deal 
enthusiast and indeed enabled the members to purchase the Club after Sir Aynsley's death. He was 
President of Deal for over 40 years and continued to promote the strong links between the Club and 
our Society and took a keen interest in our activities until his death.

Peter Batty Chairman
May 2009

GSGB Member,
24 Oct 2015, 04:39