Sicily Tour #1 2016

posted 15 Oct 2016, 10:27 by Paul Collier   [ updated 13 May 2017, 03:20 by Brian Ward ]
What a wonderful trip we had to Sicily.  34 intrepid travellers experienced the delights of balmy late summer Mediterranean weather, two lovely abutting golf courses and a roomy luxurious five star hotel complex (Donnafugata).  Breakfast on the terrace every day, friendly (if complicated) golf competitions, après golf drinks and snack with good company, a snooze in the sunshine by the pool and then the open bar and fish restaurant in the evening.  What a Groundhog Day scenario!

On days off we visited ruins from Sicily’s historic past and saw wonderful vistas.  Syracuse was steeped in history and Etna was just steep!  I now know enough about eruptions, larva flows and Strombolian activity to get me through any pub quiz.  And the Gambini family winery!  Drink your hearts out was his introduction and yesh we did.  Sadly our trip to the wonderful Taormina was met with a thunderstorm which sent us scurrying for cover.

Sicily is known as the island of the woman (apparently with three legs but hey - would the men notice)?  And so it proved in our golf.  Our overall winner was Kathryn Archibald who now holds the coveted Wood Trophy.  She was closely chased by Alison Evans and Beverley Roebuck.  Did their courtesy shots help them?  Positively not.  Mostly the group remained healthy although Linda’s Bush had a sting to it and our star male golfer had to be rescued from a lake after a misjudged ball retrieval effort.  No names, what happens on tour stays there.

If ever we decide to do this trip again, I advise you, don’t miss it!