Tour Report La Bretesche 2015

posted 24 Oct 2015, 04:54 by GSGB Member   [ updated 28 Oct 2020, 11:08 by Brian Ward ]

Before we left, the weather forecast for our week in Brittany was ATROCIOUS – with gale force winds, thunder, lightning, hail and heavy rain! So with cars packed to the gunnels with the appropriate weather gear, we all arrived on the Sunday with some trepidation.

We met for pre-dinner drinks, then enjoyed a lovely meal in a room to ourselves in the Brasserie, where we all got to know each other and had a very convivial evening – fuelled by a few (?) glasses of the French grape juice!

The advantage of such a forecast is that it couldn’t possibly be as bad as it promised to be – hmmm, the next morning when we set off for our team event, we were not so sure. 

Our GSGB umbrellas were strongly tested for the first hour, but they stood the test! When the skies cleared we enjoyed our round at La Bretesche in warm sunshine on a course, which wound its way through the forest and along the lake towards the magnificent chateau – and finished with dry kit!

The hotel, spa and outdoor facilities were beautiful and the staff could not have been more friendly and helpful. It was a great place to stay and a good base from which to “sally forth”- as a well known past President put it! And sally forth we did – mainly in the evenings to local hostelries in neighbouring villages, but also further afield on our days off.  Most of us drove, but the fit few were to be seen every day on their bikes – fortunately not in lycra!

This was not a holiday without incident however. The Briggs had the first issue with their cars and ended up taking a taxi from home to the ferry ££££££! They had to embark as foot passengers and hire a car at the other end – long story, ask them!

Bad backs kept Kelly, the resident masseuse busy all week, but did not prevent the injured men from playing every competition. We were not sure if this was true GSGB stoicism, or the thought of visiting Kelly again!

June gave us all a fright when she suddenly collapsed after golf at La Baule. Fortunately Angie and Barbara, both medically trained, were able to work on her until the paramedics arrived and took her and Ken to hospital. Poor Ken got a puncture driving back late at night, but we were relieved to see both June and the puncture were fixed the following day!

On our last golf day David suffered a suspected broken ankle at Nantes, and was driven to hospital to get plastered – the rest of us managed to get plastered,(without the hassle of a hospital visit) while we watched England play Fiji. 

You can be forgiven for thinking this report contains extracts from the AA magazine and the British Medical Journal, but I assure you there was a lot of golf played.  All competitions were played in great spirit and considering the aforementioned issues, very few dropouts, and for the most part, glorious sunshine.

Some of the golf was good, but as usual most of it was not! Miraculously, everyone managed to win a prize….

George and Liz Clark won the individual stablefords, the Byes won the couples’ Better Ball and it looked like the Men were going to win the match against the Ladies until the Wakefields, whose Sat Nav strangely took them to another Nantes course, arrived late and had to play each other. Christine secured a win, which gave us a friendly halved match!

On our last evening we enjoyed our pre-dinner drinks in the sun on the patio of the Brasserie, before our amazing final dinner in the Michelin restaurant of the hotel.

All in all – a great tour with great food, great wine and above all, great company!